July 29, 2008

p-funk, live at hampton coliseum

what exactly has happened to geroge clinton? dude's resorted to playing frat filled bars like the cubby bear this past saturday, where even if the drunken crowd wanted to dance they probably couldn't unstick their feet from the beer soaked floor...i mean, at least he's not charging $60 a ticket like he has at the house of blues the past couple years, but it just seems like he's better than this...who knows, maybe he's not...either way, crack is whack...here's a great show from hampton, va, back in p-funk's heyday...enjoy.

01. funkentelechy
02. cosmic slop
03. maggot brain
04. bop gun
05. funk gettin' ready to roll jam
06. think! it ain't illegal yet
07. flashlight
08. mothership connection (star child)
09. give up the funk (tear the roof of the sucker)